DC to AC inverter (modified sine wave)

Established in 1993, Akowa Electronics Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of power inverters in the industry. The DC to AC inverter series are used for converting direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

Our sorts of products are as the following: modified sine wave inverters and true sin wave inverters, DC AC inverter with battery charger (modified sine wave), DC AC inverter with solar charger (true sine wave) and speakers. As to high quality and security, we take pride in our products under strict Q.C. and certified with CE, TUV and ISO 9001. Therefore, our DC/AC inverters are firmly your best choice!

DC to AC Inverter Series:

DC AC inverter - A301-150W(U)
DC AC inverter - A301-150W(N)+USB
DC AC inverter - A301-150W(O)+USB
DC AC inverter - A301-150W
DC AC inverter - A301-300W
DC AC inverter - A301-300W+USB
A301-150W A301-300W
DC AC inverter - A301-600W
DC AC inverter - A301-800W
DC AC inverter - A301-1000W
A301-600W A301-800W A301-1000W
DC AC inverter - A301-1200W
DC AC inverter - A301-1700W
DC AC inverter - A301-2500W
A301-1200W A301-1700W A301-2500W
DC AC inverter - A301-4000W
DC AC inverter - REMOTE CONTROL(FOR 1000W ~ 4000W)
(FOR 1000W ~ 4000W)

DC to AC inverter (true sine wave)
DC AC inverter - A301-150W(S), A301-300W(S), A301-600W(S), A301-1000W(S), A301-1500W(S), AS-1500W(C)
DC AC inverter - AS-1500W
A301-150W(S) , A301-300W(S) ,
A301-600W(S) , A301-1000W(S) , A301-1500W(S) , AS-1500W(C)

DC to AC Inverter W/Battery Charger (modified sine wave)
DC AC inverter W/Battery Charger - A601-600W
DC AC inverter W/Battery Charger - A601-1000W
DC AC inverter W/Battery Charger - A601-1700W
A601-600W A601-1000W A601-1700W

DC AC inverter W/Battery Charger - A701-1000W

DC to AC Inverter W/Solar Charger (true sine wave)
DC AC Inverter W/Solar Charger - AS-1500W(C)

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